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The launch of a suite of explainer videos to provide support to veterinary professionals in Practice. Covering all aspects of cremation, waste management and bereavement.

Client Profile:

CPC is one of the UK’s leading pet crematoria with over 40 years of cremation expertise. It provides a range of compassionate pet cremation services to veterinary practices and their clients, including professional bereavement support and care.

CPC is the only company in the pet cremation industry offering a total veterinary waste solution with coverage for the UK and Ireland.

The Mission

Training is becoming increasingly more important to help support busy veterinary professionals in Practice. CPC currently offer in-house training but wanted to make training easier to access from anywhere and at any time. So, eCollective were briefed to develop a suite of online training and explainer videos.

Waste Segregation Compliance

Official Document Completion

Introduction to Cremation

Bereavement Training

The eCollective approach

To understand the objectives of the different types of training required, we worked closely with the internal training manager to ensure best results were delivered. Here at eCollective we understand that completion of official documents can be seen as tiresome, or a chore, and that waste segregation can be quite confusing. Cremation and bereavement training are sensitive subjects and need to be handled with care, compassion, and respect, so choosing the right style of video was key to the success of the videos.

Our challenge was to create a look and feel that could run across dry subject matter as well as sensitive content. Our aim was to use easy to understand, clear messaging, to create engaging videos, making training a pleasurable experience.

The explainer videos were created in an animated style, and instantly recognisable and synonymous with CPC training brand.

Suite of training videos covering four separate topics

How to complete official documents:

  • Consignment Note tutorial
  • Waste Transfer Note tutorial

How to segregate waste and be compliant:

  • Clinical Waste
  • Offensive Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Sharps - Cytotoxic Waste
  • Other Wastes

General training:

  • Your Introduction to Cremation Training
  • Bereavement Training

The results

Very positive feedback from Vet Practices

Sound familiar?

Whether you're finding yourself in a similar situation or you have another project you would like to discuss, get in touch and find out how we can help you acheive your mission too!
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