We used influencers to create a buzz around a new product format and drive awareness of the brand in a highly competitive market - Health & Nutrition

Hands pour out glass of Ensure Nutrivigor as part of influencer marketing campaign

Client Profile:

We work with Abbott, a global pharmaceuticals company, on one of their sub-brands Ensure NutriVigor. Ensure NutriVigor is a nutritional supplement drink which contains a unique blend of 27 essential vitamins, minerals, and protein, designed to support strength, immunity, and energy.

The Mission

Previously only available in powdered form, Ensure NutriVigor was about to launch a new Ready to Drink version of its product.

Our challenge was to create a buzz around Ensure NutriVigor and drive awareness of the brand in a highly competitive market. We needed to reach new audiences, introduce the brand and then talk about their new offering.

Driving awareness

Leveraging the power of micro and macro influencers

Supporting them to deliver high quality content

Developing a strategy to maximise exposure through social media advertising


The eCollective approach

We proposed an influencer marketing campaign that would leverage the reach and engagement of the brand in the lifestyle and wellness niches. We identified macro-influencers and micro-influencers with highly engaged followings.

We reached out to them and proposed a partnership where they would create content featuring the product and share it with their followers. We provided them with samples of the drink and all the necessary information they needed to know, including clear briefs and timelines.

The content created by the influencers for this campaign included Instagram posts, Stories and Reels. They shared their experience of using the product over a number of weeks, how it made them feel, and how it helped them achieve their goals to stay fit and healthy.

To amplify the messaging, a social media ad campaign ran alongside the above, targeting people who followed the influencers we partnered with. This helped us reach a wider audience and create more awareness about the product.

The influencer marketing campaign was a huge success, generating +163% increase on the brand’s previous influencer campaign.

Instagram social posts

Instagram Stories and Reels

Social media ad campaign: strategy, imagery and copy

The results

135,000 impressions
120,000 audience reach
25,000 engagements

Sound familiar?

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ensure nutrivigor ready to drink influencer marketing campaign
Ensure Nutrivigor

We used influencers to create a buzz around a new product format and drive awareness of the brand in a highly competitive market - Health & Nutrition

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